Dr. Austin Orette for Senate in year 2019
Dr. Austin Orette for Senate in year 2019
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About Dr. Austin Orette, MD

Austin Orette is a Medical Doctor based in Houston Texas. He obtained his medical degree from the College of Medicine, University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu Campus (UNTH). He moved to the United States to further his education with University of Texas and also gather quality experience.

He volunteered at several times with the United Nations Transition and Assistance in South Africa towards the end scourging apartheid. He has worked with the under privileged and medically underserved areas, which formed the core of his humanity and consistent aggressiveness to saving lives. He served as the Medical Director for Texas Youth Commissions which is a Body set up to help young people who are at risk as well the Medical Director of South Central Community Health Center Houston, Texas.

Currently, Austin Orette practices emergency medicine and critical care in the Houston area and its suburbs. He is versatile and passionate about reinstating Nigeria asa functioning state. Having witnessed the transformational effect of great ideas and vision on the lives of people in advanced climes, he is prepared to engage the people of Delta State and the nation at large to embrace ideas and vision that will make Nigeria a greater nation.

All I am and all I have been and will ever be, I consider as gifts to use in the service of my fellow man. This is why I became a Doctor. It is this singular reason that propels me to offer myself as the next Senator for the good people of Delta South .

Our people have cried so long, shed so many tears,travel so many miles and have always returned empty. Please join me to embark on this journey to reverse the trend of decay, neglect of our people and their needs. Please send me on this errand and I will go for you.

Austin Orette MD

Dr. Austin Orette for Senate in year 2019

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