Dr. Austin Orette for Senate in year 2019
Dr. Austin Orette for Senate in year 2019
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Dr. Orette to The Rescue by Olamigoke

I was diagnozed with acute kidney failure in 2008. I took it for granted because I had always been healthy. Then in 2009 I threw a home party with some of my friends, family and church members. Dr. Orette was one of them, he is a friend and a church member.

This particular saturday afternoon he couldn't attend the party, he was working. Another physician friend of ours, his colleague attended.

After a lot of goat meat (asun) and sharing of joy, I tried to go upstairs in our house, coming back I was breathing so heavily and exhausted. The other friend, Damian checked my feet, they were swollen. Immediately he called Dr. Orette who was at work. As an emmergency room physician, Dr. Orette was busy and we couldn't get to him quickly.

Still in personal denial, nonchallant, and coolly uncocerned about it all, I withrew to bed after the party. To cut a long story short, past midnight after the party team had all gone home, knock-knock I heard on our front door. Dr. Orette sent Damian to rush to my house having failed to reach me on my phone that was muuted.

"You might be having blood clot issues, and must go to the emmergency room immediately" he said. Damian had been able to reach him after leaving the party, and they discussed my health situation, swollen legs and hard to breathe. They knew that it was off-hours and to reach my primary doctor may be too late, he acted spontaneously like a good Samaritan. That is Orette for you. He will do the same and more as your senator if elected.

Still finding it hard to breathe very well, I had to be checked in to the nearest Methodist Hospital only to discover that two blood clots were traveling up my body from my legs, one to the lungs and the other to my heart.

What could have happened had I waited too long? Potential heart attach or stroke.

This timely intervention litrally, in a strict sense, saved my life. If I were in Delta State, I will vote "ORETTE for SENATE" for sure.

I encourage you to vote for him. A new generation of Nigrians that can truly influnce great changes in our beloved country for the good of the whole.

By Dr. Olumide Kenny Olamigoke, PhD, Fellow IAP, CITP

Dr. Austin Orette for Senate in year 2019

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